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Our expertise covers a wide range of industry, including automotive, medical, toys, bathing equipment, office equipment, furniture, sports equipment, home appliance, transportation, etc.

We are professionals in making products such as pipes for air conditioners, fuel tanks, water tanks, safety car seats for kids, car refrigerators, containers for solutions, chemical tanks, oil tanks, medical waste disposal collectors, nursing beds, road signs, road blocks, water road blocks, fences, shaped vessels, toolboxes, parts for nursing beds, bath stools, outdoor toys, sliders, swings, easels, kids cars, kids furniture, foldable tables and chairs, storehouses, outdoor storage boxes, pets houses, basketball boards, basketball stands, stadium seats, water dispensers, etc.


An expertise in blow molding, rotational molding, and fluorination, Nadfinlo is the solution to your requirement!


About us

Our Enterprises established in Hong Kong in 1970s. At the beginning we focussed on manufacturing small-size home appliance such as soldering gun and hot glue gun.In early 1980s, we started the blow molding business under Nadfinlo Plastics Industry Co. Ltd. …


  • With the establishment of partnership, Nadfinlo provide mutual trust and support to our Team.

    – Husqvarna Group
  • 综合Q,D,C,E 各视点的评分,利宾来塑胶工业(深圳)有限公司被评为2014年度A 级供应商。

    – 珠海兄弟工业有限公司