Mold Making

Nadfinlo, CNC

Our professional engineering team always provides the top level services and technical support including product design, tool design in mass production.

By using Pro-E, UG, AutoCAD and Mastercam software to improve product design and tool design, we also employ high-precision equipment to produce the most accurate tools for manufacturing purposes. These machines include six sets of CNC machines (maximum capacity 2.1 m of the mold, accurate to 0.01 mm), double-headed electric discharge machines, wire cutting machine, deep hole drilling machine, precision grinding machine, lathe machine, various types of milling machines as well as 3D measurement and testing equipment.

We cast tools to precise size, smooth surface finish, reasonable structure, high production efficiency, ease of automation, high life expectancy and low cost.

We also provide customized tools solution for overseas customers by designing the tools based on their production machine. We ship the tools to the customers for mass production after internal testing.