Supporting Process

Metal Fabrication

We have installed a series of metal fabrication process machines for cutting, bending, stampings, welding, and powder coating, which provide best in-house quality control and costs control.


Silk Screening

This process is mainly used to print logos onto products. We guarantee high-volume, low cost, colorful, strong adhesion products as well as fast delivery services.


Pad Printing

This is artwork / text printing process on irregular surface. It is widely used on toys and irregular duct printing products.



Spray Painting

We provide high adhesion spray painting solutions for blow molding product, which is able to guarantee anti-aging even for outdoor products.


We have a sewing workshop with a complete set of sewing equipment. The setup helps in quality control for infant products and related accessory products as well as fast delivery.



Nadfinlo_Assembly Line
Assembly Line

Professional assembly line is the final station for the manufacturing process for toolboxes, toys, outdoor products and components. Parts are assembled to form finished products.